Modern Yoga Academy was founded by Karina Skye in 2012. Karina is a an experienced Yoga instructor (E-RYT500/ KYTT), with a background in a variety of Yoga styles including Sivananda, Raja Yoga, Restorative, Power Yoga, and Kundalini as thought by Yogi Bhajan. By studying, applying, teaching and understand many different styles of Yoga, Karina decided to integrate her knowledge as oppose of choosing one particular style as her main and only path. Karina believes that all Yoga are great Yoga and everyone can benefit from it even if you have a very fast passed lifestyle, any challenging condition, or specific ideal or belief. Therefore, she developed an open-minded, non denominative Modern Yoga for modern Yogis everywhere. By founding the Modern Yoga Academy, Karina hopes to be able to reach all types of students and Yogis from different backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyle, and help all to enjoy a fulfilling, blissful, and prosperous life. 

About Karina Skye
       Karina Skye is a born artist and healer. She started taking Ballet classes at the age of 3, singing before even speaking, and, being raised in a open-minded environment, was introduced to the Healing Arts at a very early age. She believes she was lucky enough to have discovered her life's purpose so early. With a solid, consistent, and fulfilling Yoga practice since 2005, Karina is not only a dedicated Yogi; She is a talented singer/songwriter with over 16 albums on Itunes, motivational speaker,  and upcoming best seller.
    She is a registered Yoga Teacher (E- RYT 500 and KRI), Reiki Master, Author and Motivational Speker.   As singer, songwriter of inspirational, conscious rising songs (www.karinaskye.com) she has more than 17 albums on itunes and have toured around the United States, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Brazil performing, teaching, and touching people with her powerful and inspiring voice and message. She strives to bringing a healthy environment, support and strength to all of those who cross her path incorporating yoga and her inspiring voice into all her work.

Education and Experience:

*Registered Yoga Instructor by the Yoga Alliance: E-RYT 500 

*Currently working on her Kundalini Level II certification;
*Certified and trained in Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga: including Sivananda, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga

with over 1000 hrs of training and over 1000 hrs of teaching experience. 
*Certified and trained in Kundalini Yoga as thought by Yogi Bhajan (200hrs) - KRI cert.
*Professional wellness and fitness instructor since 1995.
*Certified Qi Gong Strength Trainer by Jeff Primack
*Certified Vedic Thai-Yoga Energy Work practitioner by the Vedic Conservatory and  Jay Healing Arts
*Certified Reiki Master- The Usui Method levels I, II, and III (Brazil -Casa de Bruxa / USA- Four Sisters)
*Certified Counselor Facilitator by the Center for Group Counseling
* Experience on Energy Healing, Chakra manipulation and realignment, and Hands on Healing (Passe) since 1997.
*Mediumship intensive training CCSC (Christian Charity Spiritist Center), KSSF (Kardecian Spiritist Society of Florida) - 2002 
*Tarot Reading and Spiritual Counseling Experience since 2001
*Deep healing and guided meditation facilitator since 2001
*BFA from Florida Atlantic University
*Singing, performing, and entertaining professionally since 1994
*Professional acting stage experience, AEA member since 2007
*Over 17 music albums on Itunes -- BUY HER LATEST MUSIC HERE

 VISIT: WWW.KARINASKYE.COM for original music

 VISIT: WWW.SKYEHEALINGARTS.COM for other healing modalities offered by Karina.